A change for the better

As of the first of September we are announcing a change to our operating practices. Since launching our travel accessories brand in the middle of 2014, we have been committed to collecting a nominal amount from each sale to donate to environmental conservation charity. Currently we have been collecting $1 from the sale of each Traveller Towel and $2 from the sale of each Everyday Adventure Backpack. We’ve done the sales figures from last financial year and we’ve chosen our designated charity. Shortly we will be paying them a visit to share the good news and hand over the donations, hopefully in the form of a novelty size cheque like the ones you see on television!

take only photographs, leave only footprints

As of the first of September this year, in an effort to streamline our operating processes and to further strengthen our commitment to charity, we’ve decided to make some changes. From September 1st we've expanded our fundraising commitments and are now donating 10% of profits to charity. We’ve now broadened our sights to not only include environmental conservation charity but also other charities such as those associated with humanitarian aid, disaster relief and health/medical issues. 

We think it’s a change for the better and we hope you're onboard with us!

Happy travels,

The team at Sandy Cove Trading Company 

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