An island paradise and special parrot that needs our help

Norfolk Island is an idyllic paradise located in the South Pacific. Steeped in heritage and natural beauty, Norfolk Island is holiday-makers dream. Whether it's relaxing on a white sandy beach or exploring the rich history, Norfolk Island offers something for everyone.

Much of Norfolk Island's natural forest has been cleared overtime to make way for farming and housing. National Park makes up just 10% of the island's area and is home to some unique flora and fauna including the Norfolk Island Green Parrot. This species of parrot is found nowhere else in the world. Sadly, due to the introduction of cats and rats to the island, it has now become very rare. Thanks to efforts of volunteers and Parks staff, the Norfolk Island Green Parrot is making a comeback. The hard work isn't over yet and your help is needed to secure the long term survival of this species. 

In the coming months, Parks Australia staff are looking to relocate a population of young fledgling parrots to nearby Phillip Island. Phillip Island offers a safe haven for the parrots away from other predators. This complex task presents significant costs for National Parks and your support is needed to help them reach their target of $77000 to make it happen! 

To show our support, we are donating $250 to this project and $5 for every towel sold on our website for the month of March 2017. See our full range of Turkish towels here.

We visited Norfolk Island in 2014. Take a look at our short video and see the special place it is!


Thanks for your support and happy travels,

Sandy Cove Trading Co.

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